Hit-and-run victim found 14 hours later


According to Harnett County troopers, Amy Whitman was traveling on Brick Mill Road Saturday evening when she crossed the center line and struck Kevin West and left the scene.

Whitman reportedly told authorities she thought she struck a deer.

The /*N.C. Highway Patrol*/ conducted an extensive search for the pedestrian but said they were hindered by Whitman's accounts of the inicdent. There were reportedly conflicting reports by Whtiman when she recalled her statements to officers.

The victim, Kevin West, was found 14 hours after the crash, he was conscious and yelling for help in a ditch about 10 feet from Brick Mill Road -- approximately one mile from the site of the wreck.

SBI agents spent Monday going over Whitman's SUV. Troopers say the busted windshield and crumpled bumper, are proof she hit something or someone.

They say he was walking down the road when Whitman allegedly came down the road, crossed the center line, struck him from behind knocking him into a ditch.

Officials say he laid in the ditch, badly injured and calling for help, until he was found by friends who were out searching for him Sunday around noon.

Troopers describe West and Whitman as friends. They were at a party at this house when they say West left started walking home.

"From what we gathered there was some type of argument between the two," NC Highway Patrol Trooper Daniel Edwards said. "For whatever reason he decided to leave the scene on foot traveling East on Brick Mill Road and shortly after Amy Whitman, the driver of the vehicle, decided to go towards that direction in her vehicle. He was on the left hand side of the road. She did cross the center line, based on the fact that there was debris, glass on the left side of the road, basing the damages on the vehicle on the left portion of the vehicle, and he sustained injuries on the right part of the body."

State troopers got a search warrant to confiscate Whitman's clothes. They say they expect to find pieces of glass and other evidence that will prove she was behind the wheel.

At last check, West is in critical but stable condition at UNC Hospital.

Whitman is charged with driving while impaired, one count of felony hit-and-run, one felony count of serious injury by a motor vehicle with intent to kill, carelsess and reckless driving and one count of resist, delay and obstruction.

She is being held under $101,250.00 bond.

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