BRAC Plan to bring thousands to N.C.


The /*BRAC Plan*/ will shut down Fort McPherson in Atlanta and move two major Army commands to Fort Bragg.

Representatives from communities that surround Fort Bragg, including Fayetteville, Sampson County and Harnett County are also in Atlanta. They are making pitches to potential residents.

"We have some country store candies that we all have in Harnett County and a little bag and they can fill up their bag of candy and every time they open their bag, they'll have our information and know how to contact us," BRAC representative Nancy Wright said.

Community leaders from N.C. are tooting their horns and explaining why their communities are the best places to live near /*Fort Bragg*/.

"We have the gated community, Harnett County representative Phil Ferrell said. "We have the subdivisions and we have the land available where an individual that wants two to five acres, if they're willing to pay the price, they can get that."

That song and dance is music to the ears of Teresa Rogers. She's a civilian employee at the US Army Reserve command who's ready to hang up big city life and try a little country living.

"I'm looking for a two acre plot," Rogers said. "You know, I don't want to go into a subdivision. I want to be out by myself."

Major Hillard Wade said he's looking forward to living in Fayetteville for a number of reasons.

"First thing is schooling, access to the Post, travel time," Wade said.

Travel time is a big deal to Jesus Andino because he and his wife just became empty nesters.

"Right now it's almost an hour commuting from where we're at so trying to get a little bit shorter distance to have more time to for us to enjoy each other," Adino said. "This is a good move. We're actually pretty excited about the move."

A lot of people are looking forward to the move. But it's not only soldiers and government civilians who will be relocating. Some local businesses may also decide to head to N.C.

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