Arson declared in Kelly Morris search

STEM The Granville County Sheriff's department has called in help to re-focus this search for Kelly. Eight days after she went missing they are, in effect, are starting over. About 120 people, professionals and volunteers, are searching for Kelly.

Danny Roberts, a family friend, offered, "It's been unusual because it's tugged at a lot of people's hearts."

Kelly went missing September 4th, the same day her house went up in flames. Her car was found locked a few blocks away with her purse, cell phone, and keys locked inside.

Kelly is married with two children.

Friends are convinced she would not run away.

Lynn Carden, a long time friend, stated, "To me she's a family oriented person. She wouldn't leave her two little girls."

Some of Kelly's friends are starting to wonder about her husband, Scott Morris, who has not been seen in the search effort.

One of them approached us with posters of Kelly's picture, as we knocked at the home of Scott's parents and stated, "He's probably the only one that knows anything."

Arson investigators were back at the Morris home today. But search organizers say weather has hindered the effort.

Kelly's friends remain hopeful, even as she has been gone for 8-days

Searchers and investigators hope that by the close of operations tomorrow, they will have eliminated a three mile radius around the residence stating that at this point they have no clues.

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