Troubleshooter: Fayetteville man stumped

FAYETTEVILLE Glen says he paid B&R in full to make sure the job got done. Instead almost two months after hiring B&R Glen says his yard is not looking good. Glen tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I just want him to come finish the job that he started."

Glen paid B&R Tree Service $2,400 in July to remove several trees and shrubs in his front yard. Glen says, "He came by Tuesday and got like 4 to 5 and said he would be bright and early the next morning to finish up and I said ok." But Glen says no one showed up the next morning, the next week, or even the next month. So he kept calling the owner of B&R Tree Service.

Glen adds, "Sometimes he would answer and sometimes he would just say hello, hello, and then hang up on me." Even more frustrating, Glen's fixing up the house to flip it. While work moves forward inside, he says the first impression doesn't look so good. He adds, "As soon as someone drives up to the house and sees it like this their like let's go check somewhere else."

Fed-up glen said he was planned to take B&R to small claims court, that's until his friend had an idea. He says his friend told him to call Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. She got in touch with B&R Tree Service. The owner told her he is going to finish the job, but his grinder's been broken and in the shop. He said he just got it out of the shop and will be out within the next few days. It took a little more time than that, but eventually B&R finished the job. Now there are no more trees and all the stumps are grinded.

The owner of B&R Tree Service also said he had every intention to finish the job sooner, but said it took so long because his grinder was in the shop several times.

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