NC provides hurricane relief to TX

September 15, 2008 1:35:46 PM PDT
The Triangle Red Cross headquarters in Raleigh is just one of the many organizations sending help from North Carolina.Late Monday afternoon workers at the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina were busy loading a tractor trailer.

"This is a load that is going down to San Antonio, Texas in response to Ike where a large number of refugees, evacuees are being sent," said Charlie Hale with the Food Bank of Eastern North Carolina.

Dozens of pallets of food had been sitting at the warehouse for days in advance of Ike, just waiting on a truck to take them where they would help the most.

Workers from Progress Energy also left the Triangle Sunday and are expected to arrive in Louisiana and Texas tonight and Tuesday.

Linemen like Brent Poole say the long ride is well worth the welcome.

"Anytime somebody's out of power they love to see show up, you know, and get them back on," he said.

But until the power is back on both to residences and stores, people will be able to rely on the food bank truck --loaded with everything from packs of snack crackers and caramel corn to Slim Jims.

"This particular load is high energy snack material that's easy to distribute and get out to people really quickly," Hale said.

That's exactly what other food banks sent to North Carolina when we needed help with hurricanes Fran and Floyd, and also what happened with Red Cross volunteers.