New developments in Nancy Cooper murder case

CARY The surveillance video is being released to show what /*Brad Cooper*/ bought at a grocery store on the morning his wife Nancy disappeared.

Click here to view Harris Teeter receipts and surveillance videos.

Her body was discovered in an undeveloped neighborhood a couple of days later.

The video of Cooper is being released by his attorneys. They say they want to put rumors to rest that he bought bleach in the early morning hours on the day his wife disappeared.

The first video shows Brad walking into Harris Teeter in Cary at 6:22 am on July 12, where he buys a gallon of milk and walks out of the store at 6:25 a.m. A receipt his attorney's posted on their Web site shows he paid cash.

Less than 20 minutes later at 6:42 a.m. He walks back into Harris Teeter. This time he buys juice and Tide laundry detergent and pays with a credit card.

His attorneys point out that the detergent did not contain bleach as has been wildly speculated during the investigation.

On their law firm's Web site, Kurtz and Blum also post pictures of Brad Cooper's neck clear of any scratch marks.

According to the Web site the pictures were taken on July 17. /*Nancy Cooper*/ was reported missing July 12.

A Cary detective noted on that day that Brad had scratches or red marks on his neck.

His attorneys claim they weren't significant, if there was no sign of them five days later in photographs.

Brad Cooper's attorneys also call Nancy's friends a "Cary clique" and say everything they've told reporters and authorities is what they've seen "through divorced colored glasses" --claiming her friends only knew Nancy after her marriage was beginning to fall apart.

Family attorneys have used their claims that Brad was having an affair and was controlling to help award temporary custody of the couple's children to Nancy's parents.

Eyewitness News contacted Cary Police about the release of the video and of the pictures and they released the following statement: "Cary citizens know that if there is ever any chance that they are at risk, the Cary Police Department informs them and protects them. Releasing the details of ongoing investigations can jeopardize our ability to find the truth and arrest the person or persons responsible for crimes, something I'm sure no one wants to see happen," Town of Cary Police Chief Pat Bazemore said.

While Brad Cooper has been the focus of the investigation he has not been named a person of interest or a suspect.

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