Sheriff reviews deputies' time sheets

CUMBERLAND COUNTY Deputies work school athletic events and other security jobs, but the question is who is paying them?

The time sheets of nearly 200 Cumberland County Sheriff's deputies have been gone over with a fine-tooth comb.

Cumberland County Sheriff Earl "Moose" Butler ordered an audit to make sure none of his deputies is not getting paid at a secondary security job while on the clock for the county --a practice known as double-dipping.

"It's our responsibility, we feel, to provide our deputies there to provide a safe environment for these events to take place," Butler said.

The audit was ordered in March after a SBI investigation found Captain Larue Windham and Lieutenant Neelis Smith were double-dipping. The pair was fired.

The subsequent audit evaluated time sheets of 192 deputies who have secondary jobs. The majority of them are school resource officers. The audit found 28 deputies had questionable entries on their time sheets.

"We've resolved 24 out of those 28 cases. The other four cases have been since refereed to the District Attorney's Office for his review," Professional Standards Capt. Mike Casey said.

The audit also found deputies who showed no travel time between jobs and other miscellaneous overlaps.

In addition to the four unresolved cases, letters from the DA's office are going out to six deputies concerning findings in the audit.

The matter is now in the hands of District Attorney Ed Grannis while his office is evaluating the audit. At this point he doesn't believe any criminal charges will be filed.

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