Students without booster shots face suspension


More than 2,000 /*Triangle*/ sixth graders need to get a newly required /*vaccination*/ by the end of today. Triangle schools are holding a last minute round of health clinics to help students get the shot before the risk of suspension from school.

According to the law, any student entering grade six after August 1, 2008, must get a /*booster shot*/ if they haven't had one in the past five years.

Those who don't get their booster or show proof of having had one will be barred from attending school Wednesday.

Nineteen of 20 /*Wake County*/ traditional calendar middle schools will offer shots Tuesday morning. Wake officials estimate 1,500 students will need the shot.

West Millbrook is one of many schools offering immunizations. Wake County Human Services will host free clinics at 17 out of 20 Wake County schools Tuesday.

At West Millbrook Middle School, there are approximately 50 students who have not received their booster shot. Students will be allowed to remain in school today, but if they do not get their shot today or show proof they've had the shot, they could face suspension.

Wake County Human Services is offering an additional immunization clinic for Wake County students who still need to get the vaccine to stay in school on Wednesday, September 24.

The clinic is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Wake County Commons Building, 4011 Carya Drive, Raleigh.

No appointments are needed for this clinic and there is no charge for the vaccination.

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