Autopsy released in Wynn investigation

HOKE COUNTY Investigators in Hoke County say Rosemary Wynn was found unconscious on the kitchen floor in her home on June 4. She died in the hospital a day later.

According to an autopsy report released Thursday, the 53-year-old wife of Methodist Minister Sam Wynn died of blunt force injury to the head.

The autopsy was performed by Dr. Thomas Clark. He noted several injuries "including abrasions to the back of the head, skull fractures and hemorrhage of the brain."

A toxicology report shows the minister's wife had a high level of Butalbital in her system --a pain killer known to cause dizziness, drowsiness and a feeling of intoxication.

The autopsy also mentioned Wynn "had a history of prescription drug abuse, and has been treated at least once for an accidental fall resulting in injury. There is also a history of domestic violence."

The report concludes Wynn probably died from a blow to the head. But it also says while "these findings are not typical of an accidental fall, that possibility cannot be excluded. It is possible that Butalbital intoxication increased her likelihood of falling."

Despite the autopsy findings authorities say the victim's husband and her son remain persons of interest in the case.

Eyewitness News spoke with Sheriff Hubert Peterkin about the autopsy report. He says it's just one piece of the puzzle and his death investigation continues.

Sources close to the investigation tell Eyewitness News Wynn's death may be ruled accidental. If that's the case, no charges will be filed.

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