Air conditioning repair, high electric bills

GARNER It all started when they had problems with their air conditioning. They called their home warranty First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation. Technicians were sent out to their house.

Tony tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "They diagnosed it the 5th of June we had a bad compressor and we waited 3 weeks waiting for that compressor to come in." While waiting for the part, Tony says his downstairs unit failed. He says crews came out again cleaned the unit and put Freon in it. The third week of June, the compressor came in and was finally replaced.

But Tony says things only stayed cool for a few weeks as the repair seemed to fail. So First American Home Buyers sent technicians to the house again. Besides cleaning the units, Tony says he learned some work wasn't done. He says another HVAC company looked at the unit and said, "They discovered the compressor has never been replaced and by then this was August 1st." He also says the technician's had to let out more than 20 pounds of Freon. Tony adds, "When put Freon in air conditioner it causes it to overwork and runs non-stop."

Their electric bills from the past few months doubled before he had air problems. Now they're up to $500 and $600 hundred dollars a month. Tony says, "We didn't want them to pay our power bills we just wanted them to take responsibility and pay half." Tony says he called First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation several times, but didn't get anywhere as to how his compressor was not replaced in the first place and why so much Freon was added. She says, "They still say it was a breakdown in communication and I was like how I was calling you every single day."

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation. Tony adds, "When you got involved they immediately called us." They agreed to pay half of Tony's electric bills and it's a resolution Tony is happy with. He tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "If you wouldn't have gotten involved they wouldn't have done anything. Thank you so much."

Besides paying $400.00 towards the electric bills, First American Home Buyers Protection also reimbursed the service call and paid for a window unit while these repairs were taking place.

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