Locals react to Palin's recent low ratings

About half of all voters polled said they were uncomfortable with the idea of John McCain taking office at age 72 and 85 percent say Palin does not have the experience to be president.

On the streets of downtown Raleigh, Grant Jennings, a computer engineer, will be among many watching Thursday night's debate. "I think she is out of her league," Jennings said. "She definitely has her work cut out for her tonight."

And all eyes will be watching as /*Governor Palin*/ goes head to head with /*Senator Joe Biden*/ in the highly anticipated vice presidential debate.

Including Juan Hinton who believes she is ready, "I think she is a little bit more qualified than people are giving her credit for being."

According to the poll, 6 out of 10 voters see her as lacking the experience to be an effective president.

"I am just absolutely at a loss for words in responses she gives to some very basic questions," Jennings said.

Questions raised by ABC's Charles Gibson and other national media have put her in the spotlight.

And according to the poll, one third are now less likely to vote for Senator John McCain because of her. Tandi Puckett disagrees, "I think she has enough experience obviously McCain thought she did and I trust his judgment."

While everyone, whether they believe in Governor Palin or not, will be glued to TV sets everywhere, some say there might be a surprising end to that debate.

"I do, I think she'll do better than people expect they've been kinda harsh," Puckett said.

Jenning's plans to watch and see what happens. "The thing is she doesn't really have to talk about things that matter all that much," he said. "All she has to do is connect with voters. From what I hear, she's actually pretty good."

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