Troubleshooter: Furniture runaround


When she couldn't get the furniture store to take care of her problems, she turned to /*Troubleshooter Diane Wilson*/.

Donna Carlton bought $7,000 worth of furniture from /*The Room Store*/.

With that price tag, she thought she'd get a new look for her home and be able to enjoy it.

Instead, she says she's had problems. Donna tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "The couch is falling apart." The couch is ripping and there appears to be a lack of stuffing in the cushions. Donna says she went back to the store.

She adds, "They told me they didn't handle anything on a store level. I had to talk to customer service." So Donna called customer service, which did send out a technician.

She says, "He agreed it needed to be fixed and placed the orders to get the pieces." But weeks went by and still no fix. So Donna was back to calling The Room Store's customer service. She says, "They didn't return calls, saying they're going to call me back and not. I've been trying to resolve this since June and it was just one call after another."

So Donna e-mailed Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. Donna told her, "I'd be satisfied just getting it fixed. I really want another couch but that's not going to happen."

To Donna's surprise it did happen! After Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with The Room Store, they agreed to let her pick out a whole new set. It's a resolution Donna says she's happy with and she's already enjoying her new couch and chair.

Besides a new couch and chair, Donna also had problems with mattresses she bought from The Room Store. The company is now looking into those issues. A rep with The Room Store said they'll take care of her concerns by either replacing the items that cannot be serviced or by sending a technician to service the items.

The rep also added they're sending Donna a gift certificate as they appreciate her business and would like her to remain a satisfied customer.

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