Man accused of selling gas for $20 a tank


The thief is accused of letting others gas up with the cards more than 300 times.

Eyewitness News talked to customers at a local gas station about what they would do if approached with "deal" to fill up their car with gas. "I'd tell him to get lost and I would call the police," Kirk Bennett said.

NC State student Jasmin Petty said, "I wouldn't trust it."

But not everyone's that honest. More than 300 people took advantage of the scam. Breaking and entering, financial card theft and larceny are just some of the charges Dillard Johnson faces. On Thursday, Johnson, who was already in jail for a different crime with the same charges, was re-arrested, leaving BNK a $19,000 gas bill in just three days.

Police say Johnson would wait around gas stations, and then he would go up to drivers offering to pay for their gas with a stolen credit card. So instead of paying $50 dollars, you would only have to give him $20.

Charges were made every three minutes, ranging from $5 to $400, even filling up diesel trucks at a hundred dollars a tank.

People who took advantage of the offer could face jail time. Raleigh Police plan to use surveillance video to look up license plates and if found guilty, they could face charges.

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