Poll: Wake voters could decide presidential race

A new Politico Insider Advantage Poll says /*Wake County*/ is one of two counties in the nation that could decide the presidential race.

New voters in the Wake County suburbs could make the difference in the race for the White House.

There are enough potential votes in the county and in another county in Nevada to deliver an entire battleground state to a presidential hopeful.

President George W. Bush knows Wake can make a difference. He carried the county in the last election.

Now John McCain's camp hopes republicans can continue their three-decade dominance of Wake County on the road to the White House. He'll need women to win.

"I'm really surprised with North Carolina being the size state that it is, but I'm excited that we are crucial in this vote," Wake County voter Pamela Butts said.

According to Politico.com, the winner of Wake will take the White House. That Website's latest poll shows Wake County women supporting Democrat Barack Obama 51 to 43 percent over McCain.

"I think Obama now having the alliance with Hillary Clinton and really supporting women's issues is very important," Wake County voter Kristi West said.

West said she voted for Obama.

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