Serial robber, murderer appears in court

RALEIGH Armond Devega, 27, is charged with murder, attempted murder and robbery. But Devega's relatives say he's not guilty.

"Not at all, so if he does, I'd be totally shocked --I would totally shocked," Devega's aunt Coquitta Porter said.

Inside a packed courtroom, Devega quietly listened to the charges against him --murder, attempted murder and at least nine counts of robbery.

Grief stricken relatives of Stephanie Powell Anderson, a convenience store clerk Devega is accused of shooting back in April, reacted to seeing her alleged killer face-to-face for the first time.

"It helped me out a lot just to look at the coward who was able to do something so senseless to somebody who didn't deserve it," Anderson's brother Orlando Powell said.

Devega is also accused in the murder of Anthony Scarborough in February. The victim was found bound with duct tape and cords.

And a check-cashing business on wake forest road was shot up in September, the female clerk survived. Police say Devega was the gunman.

Porter says an ex-girlfriend reported Devega to police in a jealous rage over Devega's upcoming wedding. Investigators say they caught Devega on several surveillance cameras.

"I've looked at the pictures of the people that have committed the murders, they don't' look like Armond at all," Porter said.

"The best is going to come out of this one, he's been caught, he's going to suffer," Powell said. "I hope I really hope and I give it to the law and the court system to make it happen."

Devega has a criminal record. Police say he's also wanted in connection with a robbery in Wake Forest.

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