Veterans and military voters speak out

FAYETTEVILLE While John McCain tries to win military votes in person, the Obama campaign held what it called a "setting the record straight" rally not far from the coliseum.

A crowd of about 50 packed the Obama headquarters Tuesday morning in the Bordeaux Shopping Center.

They enthusiastically cheered veterans who say they are setting the record straight on why Obama is the right choice for veterans and military families.

"We need to make sure that we are using our troops the way that they need to be used. And Senator Obama, and only Senator Obama will be the one who do that," said Maria Dove with North Carolina Blue Star Families for Obama.

"As a veteran, I want to set the record straight and let everyone know that myself and people like myself do not give an automatic vote to John McCain," veteran Charles Pennington said.

Charles Pennington was a sergeant in the army who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He says it was Senator Obama who voted for $360 million for armored vehicles for troops fighting in the Middle East.

"I've seen firsthand how the troops need things like armored vehicles," Pennington said. "How they need things like body armor. It was not Senator McCain that voted for those things. It was Senator Obama who's taken the steps to improve the VA medical care."

Jonathan Kuniholm is retired Marine Corps captain who lost his arm fighting in Iraq. While he respects McCain's military service, he says Obama will make the best Commander-In-Chief.

"We're Marines, we're soldiers, and we don't choose our missions. We don't choose our leaders, except for one. Guess what, we get to choose our Commander-in-Chief," veteran Jonathan Kuniholm said.

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