Sheriff Bizzell breaks silence

JOHNSTON COUNTY Sheriff Steve Bizzell made the controversial comments back in September. He was quoted by the News and Observer as saying: "Mexicans are dirty" and illegal immigrants "breed like rabbits."

Bizzell quickly issued a written apology to legal immigrants, but he hasn't been interviewed since --until Thursday by a local radio host known for his own controversial comments about ethnic groups.

G-105 radio host shock jock Bob Dumas praised Sheriff Bizzell on his Bob The Bounty Hunter Segment.

"You've gone through some things similar to what we've been through," Dumas said.

"Yeah, I got burnt and you've been there," Bizzell said. "You know all these people have freedom of speech, but they don't want us to have it. I am the Sheriff of Johnston County. But I am a citizen of the United States, and Johnston County specifically. And I've got opinions too."

Bizzell and Dumas never mentioned the specific quotes, Latinos, illegal immigrants or the sheriff's written apology.

Bizzell says the controversy has made him a better person and helped his reputation.

"I went to vote, and the lady told me you wouldn't believe how many people were coming in here asking to vote for me," Bizzell said. "So I want to thank the News and Observer for making me more popular with the voters in my county."

And the Johnston County sheriff vaguely said more enforcement is coming.

The ACLU which is investigating allegations of racial profiling says the radio interview simply raises more questions and fears.

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