Warrants reveal Jason Young affair

Jason Young has not been arrested or charged although he has been the focus of the police investigation.

According to a search warrant returned Thursday by Wake County Sheriff's investigators, Young said in an email to his sister: "I hired a good attorney and I haven't been arrested even though it's been obvious that the focus has been on me."

Click here to read the warrants. That was in May of 2006 --more than two years after his pregnant wife Michelle was found beaten to death in their Wake County home. Investigators are still looking for answers and Young continues to be their focus.

The warrant includes a list of internet searches on Young's computer made prior to his wife's murder.

Things like, Eric Rudolph, ischemia --which is a decrease in blood supply caused by constriction to blood vessels-- anatomy of a knockout, head trauma knockout and the phrase: right posterior parietal occipital region, which is the back of the head.

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