Man sought for questioning in fatal shooting

ROXBORO Eyewitness Adam Bowes says he saw a group of men fighting in the middle of South Main Street near the courthouse Monday afternoon. As they moved down the street, several shots rang out from a 40 caliber handgun.

"I pulled forward, couldn't have been 10 or 15 yards and when I did, I heard the first gunshot and I looked in my rearview mirror I saw the other guy shooting into the other group," Bowes said.

Fred Satterfield, 34, died from at least four gunshot wounds. Family members say the suspect may have been waiting for the father of six to come out of the courthouse.

"When they got to their truck the guys had been stalking, waiting for them to leave court," Satterfield's cousin Latonya Pettiford said. "As soon as they left court they surrounded their truck and went to shooting."

Police have warrants charging 20-year-old Matthew Long of Roxboro with first degree murder and attempted murder.

"If it had been 30 seconds you know, if I had been 30 seconds later walking through the door I would've been right in the middle of it, so it's pretty crazy," Bowes said.

Satterfield's mother and wife say the alleged shooter and the two victims have been fighting back and forth. Long allegedly shooting Satterfield's truck and Satterfield beat up Long this past weekend.

With all having criminal histories Satterfield's family feels they've been targeted by Long and his friends and not treated fairly by police.

"They tried to break into my house. I called police and all they said is that they were going to put it on file," Satterfield's mother Dorothy Drumwright said. "Somebody broke in; they didn't take no fingerprints, nothing."

"I'm going to get the SBI and the FBI involved, I will because we've been quiet long enough," Satterfield's sister Angela Satterfield said. "They're going to do something they're not going to go, 'it's Fred Satterfield, we're glad he's dead'. No, that's not going to happen."

Police say they are doing all they can to track down leads and lock Long up. Another person of interest was questioned then released without being charged.

The second victim is improving at Person Memorial Hospital. Relatives tell Eyewitness News, Greg Pulliam is one of the victim fighting for his life in the hospital.

A woman parked on the side street said one of the suspects tried to jump into her vehicle, but she managed to lock the car doors just in time. Roxboro Police impounded two vehicles related to the case.

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