Thousands registered for 25th Old Reliable Run


The organization hopes it can raise enough money to keep families on their feet.

For every step, runners raise money for the Triangle and for children and families in need.

That's why this year, the /*Triangle United Way*/ is hoping the 25th annual run will be a huge success. The United Way wants to send more money to local charities, but may people pledging money are finding themselves in need.

"We're counting on this Old Reliable run to help cover the loss of some of the companies who are in downturns and are laying off, so we know we have some losses there," Mary Williams-Stover of Triangle United Way said.

Butch Robertson directs the /*Old Reliable Run*/. He says more people have signed up to run this year than last year.

"We're expecting 3,000," Robertson said. "We're up about 800 over where we were last year. With the economy and everything going on now, it's quite a treat to see this many people coming in and supporting the United Way's Community Care Fund."

The action will take place Sunday in Nash Square -- in the heart of downtown Raleigh.

The United Way hopes to raise $100,000 to give to different charities and says it's need more now than ever.

"We are hopeful that more people will understand that now is the time to give more and now is the time to think of your neighbor," Williams-Stover said. "We're all knowing people who have been laid off from their jobs and we all know people who, maybe it's their first time even needing help."

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