Cooper custody order documents released


Click here to read the newly released documents.

The Cary man is in jail charged with killing his wife, Nancy Cooper.

During Friday's proceedings, Brad Cooper's attorneys argued that releasing the documents would hurt Cooper's ability to get a fair jury trial in Wake County.

He's been in jail for his wife's murder since being led away for their Cary home in handcuffs late last month.

Cooper's attorneys lost their argument to seal the court order, and the attorney for his in-laws, the Rentzes, left the court room with the document in hand.

"We take the position that it's a public record and the public should have access to it," Attorney Alice Stubbs said. "And they will in two minutes."

Stubbs immediately filed the order and copies were given to reporters.

One of the judges order states, "for as long as the defendant is incarcerated, the visitation shall be suspended pending further order of this court."

The order grants Cooper telephone contact with his children two times a week for 15 minutes per call.

The judge also notes, "Brad Cooper is a very complex individual who is in a very precarious situation with the unsolved murder of his wife and the ongoing custody dispute with his deceased wife's family. He is highly intelligent and has a quiet, somewhat detached personality. He likely harbors considerable long-term anger and resentment toward others. He has a narcissistic and arrogant tendencies. Although he is usually able to control those emotions, if his controls fail, he is likely to act out in an aggressive manner."

The order also notes that Cooper never denied a role in his wife's death in any of his affidavits filed with the court.

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