Search continues for Kelly Morris

GRANVILLE COUNTY The Sunday before Thanksgiving is devoted, like nearly every Sunday since September, to the search for /*Kelly Currin Morris*/.

Her children haven't seen her since the beginning of September --the same day their home was set on fire. Authorities are calling the fire that destroyed the home an arson.

Morris' car was later found abandoned about a mile away. Her cellular phone, keys and purse were also found.

"You ain't going to stop," searcher Bobby Ray said. "If it was your daughter you wouldn't stop, you know what I mean? But the crowd is dropping off. The searchers are dropping off. There ain't but a few of us."

Months ago, about 50 volunteers could not find the missing mother of two.

"The family needs closure, and the searchers you see out here right now are working to that end," search coordinator Al Mignacci said. "We're going to start trying to work on all the wells and we're going to go back to the water. We've got some new equipment to start looking at the water, the ponds and the lakes. And we're going to continue beating the woods."

Still, they say, they are not giving up. But they admit, after months of searching, they are coming to a grim conclusion.

"I think everybody's basically admitting to the fact that we won't find her alive, but we'd like to get some closure cause if you don't, you've always got those questions in your mind, 'did I stop too quick, or did we search all the places we could," Ray said.

Morris' family held a vigil for the missing mother a month ago in an effort to get the word out that Morris is still missing.

Her husband, Scott Morris, has been named a person of interest by police.

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