Families give thanks despite economy

RALEIGH Across town, Cindy Schluetter was roaming the aisles at Fresh Market.

"Stuffing and all the ingredients for the stuffing. And I make homemade cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes," she explained.

All those ingredients can quickly add up if you're feeding a crowd. One survey out this year shows making a Thanksgiving meal for 10 costs about $45. It's even more if you're shopping at an upscale grocery.

Fresh Market manager Jeff Mather says he's noticed people are paying a lot more attention to prices.

"They're definitely picking things more carefully this year, but they are still, when it comes to the holidays, family comes first. This is the one time where people are actually wanting to spend a little bit extra," he explained.

And there are other ways to lower the cost.

"I think more families are having family members bring part of the meal with them," said Schluetter.

Analysts say the bottom line is millions are spending less this Thanksgiving. Instead, they'll count on priceless time spent with the family - not in the grocery store.

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