911 tape released in toddler death

GARNER The body of 20-month-old Devarion Gross was found last month, stuffed inside a sealed bag, inside a Garner townhouse.

In the call, a woman described as Gross's grandmother tells the dispatcher what happened.

CALLER: "Well, we just found the body of a baby, my grandson."

911: "You just found your grandson?"

CALLER: "Yes, he's dead."

911: "Do you think the baby is beyond any help?"

CALLER: "Sir, the baby has been dead for about three weeks or longer."

911: "Oh lord."

The grandmother also tells the dispatcher her grandson had been missing for three weeks. She also said Garner police were aware the child was missing. It remains unclear if police did know the child was missing.

Devarion's mother has been questioned in the death, but so far no arrests have been made, nor the cause of death revealed.

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