Shipping Mishap

HOPE MILLS She found a buyer who bought her items for $230, including the shipping. When she went to ship the items through UPS, she insured the package for $600.

“Everything that was in the box was worth $600, so that's what I insured the package for because I thought 'Well if they lose my item, at least I know whatever I put in the box will come back to me,'" she explained.

The package never made it to the buyer so Nash filed a claim with UPS.

“They did a 10-day investigation. They put the item on the wrong porch and when they went back to get it, the person who lives at the home said 'Oh, I took it back to UPS,'” Nash told Eyewitness News.

But UPS was never able to find the package, so Alexis thought she would get back what she insured it for: $600. But UPS denied that claim.

“The first thing the lady asked me was 'Did you sell the item on eBay?' and I said 'Yes I did' and she said 'Oh, we'll only give you what you sold the item for,'” Nash recalled.

Nash said she thought, “What was the purpose of me getting insurance for this x amount if that's not what I was going to get back? Not only am I out everything I paid for my item, they're only going to reimburse me what I sold the item for which in turn I have to give back to the customer.”

A rep with UPS told Eyewitness News it's their goal to make the customer whole and confirms that it's their policy to only reimburse what the property involved has been sold for. UPS did reimburse Alexis the $230 she sold the items for.

“I don't get the purpose of picking up additional insurance if that's not what you're going to give me back,” she offered.

So when you're shipping your holiday gifts this year make sure you know the policies before you ship. You can't insure gift cards or cash and if you're insuring something of value, make sure you have proof of that value. Also if you want to track your item, it might be a good idea to get delivery confirmation.

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