Super Saver: Coupons and freebies

Morrisville: Every Thursday, we have a new Super Saver to help you hold onto your money as long as you can. Last week, we showed you how to get free meals all over the heart of Carolina. This Thursday we've got grocery deals just in time for your weekend shopping.

From Thursday through Sunday, Harris Teeter is tripling coupons up to 99 cents. Dan Griffin says he'll get several items for free, or nearly free, thanks to the triple deal. He says, "Just match up the coupons with the stores sales." He does it every time stores triple-up. One example of his recent receipts during triple coupons is one from Harris Teeter. The bill totaled $53.00 but Dan only paid $6.78! He saved $46.00 just by taking a little time, doing a little planning, and using triple coupons.

Dan shares his secrets on his website It's a free forum where thousands of North Carolina shoppers share great deals and big bargains. Dan adds, "It's very localized and over 80% is coming from the Triangle region." You'll find tips for on-line deals, freebies, and not just at grocery stores also great deals at drug stores. Many of those stores offer rebate specials. On this trip to Rite Aid, Dan paid $130.75 up front, and then he sent in the online rebate form. Two weeks later he got a check for $131.75. So he got all the items for free and made a dollar off the deal! He stocked up on several medicines and other things for everyday use.

It pays to shop smart. So remember, triple coupons start Thursday November 6 at Harris Teeter and run through Sunday. You don't even have to buy a paper and clip them. Just go to and you can print out pages of coupons to shop with to be a Super Saver.

A word of caution when it comes to internet coupons, many shoppers are reporting to us Harris Teeter is not tripling internet coupons just honoring the face value. Some of the internet coupons do state "DO NOT DOUBLE OR TRIPLE", some of the internet coupons don't state that. Either way, shoppers are reporting to us that when they went to use the internet coupons Harris Teeter did accept them but did not triple them. Either way you still save some money off the product. Remember, Harris Teeter's is tripling coupons until Sunday. There will be lots of coupons in Sunday's paper that you can cut out. Shoppers say they've had no problems getting those coupons tripled and that they're saving lots of money.

Check out the forums on You can find out how people are using the coupons to get the best deals and also find out what coupons you'll see in not only this Sunday's paper but in the future. Here's a link to that forum.

If you know of a great deal or freebie you want to share, drop me a line. I'll pass it along in the coming weeks.

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