Super Saver: Toy deals

Just in case you're keeping track, it's now just two weeks to Christmas. There's still a little time to shop for the little ones on your list and save some money.

Toys are more expensive than ever, but what if I told you to skip the toy stores and head straight to the discount stores. We're talking about Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Both are known for having great deals when it comes to designer clothes but they've also have great kids' stuff.

Moms are out in full force shopping for the perfect gift. Kimberly Steinroeder says she's always looking for a bargain and that's why she never skips the toy section at Marshall's. She says, "They have very different toys and their prices can't be beat. And anytime I ever bought any toy from here they've been a huge hit." But can you really save money and get the same toys here than you would find at Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us? We decided to do some comparison shopping.

We found a Flytech Remote Control Dragon Fly for $29.99 at the Marshalls right across from Triangle Town Center. A quick check on-line at and we see it's $10 more there, priced at $39.99. Check out this Barbie, Totally Hair Braid It. At Marshalls, $9.99, the same Barbie for $12.99, has it for almost five bucks more at $14.97.

And another Barbie deal, the Barbie Take A Break Café is $19.99 at Marshalls. On-line at, the same toy for fifteen bucks more at $34.99. Just on those three toys alone, shopping at Marshalls saves us $30.

How about TJ Maxx? We found a huge selection of toys for all ages at the Knightdale TJ Maxx. We found a Thomas and Friends Train Set at TJ Maxx priced at $19.99, the same toy at is ten bucks more at $29.99.

Check out this deal on an Alex Parking Garage. At TJ Maxx it's $49.99, online at it thirty bucks more for $79.99.

We also found a Little Champs Sports Center for $14.99 at TJ Maxx. That's ten bucks cheaper than at $24.99, and fifteen bucks cheaper than $29.99. On just those three toys, shopping at TJ Maxx gives us super savings of $55!

One downside to the discount stores there is less of a selection. But, in these times, they're worth a quick look around. Besides Marshalls and TJ Maxx, don't forget The Dollar Store, and Big Lots. You can find great deals on stocking stuffers and toys there too.

Also don't forget to send me any super saver tips.

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