Super Saver: Christmas ideas

Here are some holiday ideas that won't break your budget as you spread some holiday cheer.

This Christmas, the Daley house is all about bargains. Karie Daley says, "I'm into cheap, affordable gifts that keep giving." One gift that Karie says keeps giving is books. She adds, "We don't have the budget to buy a lot of toys, so books are great to give."

Karie got a lot of books at the Ink Newsstand at Cary Towne Center. It's closing in January and has deep discounts on all its books. Karie says, "Everything at that store is on sale. We stocked up."

Speaking of stocking up, wrapping paper can be a costly expense, but not at the Dollar Store where Karie shops. She says, "This one has 40 square feet of wrap for $1."

She got 4 rolls, 4 bucks, plus tissue paper, gift bags, and gift tags. Karie adds, "48 for $1, you can't beat that and it's going to go in the trash later."

Karie says she never spends more than a buck on any wrapping accessories. Why? She says, "Wrapping paper is trash. It's trash and if you're going to buy expensive wrapping paper you're wasting your money."

Talk about no wasting your money or paper, Karie says give e-cards a try this holiday season. Several sites, like offers free e-cards, plus no postage. Karie says, "It totally free. You put in your friends' e-mail addresses and they get a Christmas card through e-mail."

Karie's next super saver tip -- homemade gifts. One of Karie's daughters is knitting a scarf. She adds, "It's a really affordable hobby and they make great gifts, hats, anything."

Karie made Christmas napkins. She says, "You cut out a square of fabric, napkin size, and you sew it and if you don't sew they have fabric glue that's washable. You make a set of 4. It's really affordable. Fabric is always on sale, and it makes a nice little gift."

How about a homemade ornament as the perfect gift for grandma and grandpa's tree? Karie says, "It's not an expensive project at all and kids love this type of stuff." Karie says you don't have to be crafty to do any of these homemade ideas; you do need to plan and hit the sales at the craft stores.

Another inexpensive super saver gift to consider is homemade goodies. You can bake bread, cookies, chocolates, and just put them in decorative bags, or boxes and they make a delicious gift. Or if baking isn't your thing, offer your talents, like babysitting, painting, yard work, or cleaning the house.

If you have a super saver idea, share it with us.

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