Bad weather stalls gifts

FAYETTEVILLE Tyler Moore is not even 2-years old, but he already knows Santa Claus is coming to town. What he doesn't know is one of his gifts might not make it down the chimney in time to make it under the tree.

"It's for the baby. It's for him so I'm hoping it'll make it here. If it doesn't, he really won't understand," said mom Marva Moore. "I ordered it about a week and a half ago and I'm hoping it'll be here today - sometime this evening."

While the Moores are hopeful their gift will arrive, folks trying to make their way across the country weren't having much luck moving anywhere.

Snow storms crippled much of the nation's midsection. While passengers jammed airport terminals looking for a way home, thousands of packages sat idle in warehouses with nowhere to go.

The Moores were waiting for a package from UPS, but that company wasn't the only one experiencing delays.

"We've experienced some delays because of the weather - especially in the Midwest and the Western part of the country - but we're processing everything that's coming in and our goal is to have every piece every day, so Christmas Eve is no different. We're making a special effort to get those packages delivered," offered Monica Robbs with the U.S. Postal Service. "You may experience some delays but if it comes in we're going to do our very best to get it to you on Christmas."

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