Criminals target neighborhood

DURHAM The victims told Eyewitness News they're afraid someone will be killed soon if the suspects aren't stopped.

A man and his girlfriend said they noticed a few young men walking down Greyfield Boulevard in the rain Sunday at 10:15 p.m.. The couple says they stayed in their car in their driveway until they thought the guys had passed.

"As soon as we opened the car doors they ran at us, had pistols drawn, guns drawn and told us to stay out of the car," the male victim said. "They made us lay on the ground, put guns to our heads and on our backs and took all of our possessions, house keys, car keys, wallets, phones."

The suspects wearing ski masks hopped into their own car and fired shots as they drove away.

"I was going around the other side of the car to check on her and I heard the pop, pop, pop sounds," he said.

They weren't hurt, neither was the man whose car window was shot out early Saturday morning around 1 a.m. on Canary Court.

Police believe he was robbed by the same guys. The man told officers he was unloading a car when a small dark car stopped and the driver asked for directions. As he started to give him directions, the driver pulled out a gun, got out of the car and demanded money.

"All three got out of the car and one of them pulled a gun on me and it was a revolver," the victim said. "So, I just turned around and they took the GPS out of the car and I gave them the cash I had on me."

As they took off they shot at him too.

"I was trying to look at the car to get their license plate and I don't know if they saw me try to look at the car," he said. "At that point I was like wow; these guys are really out to kill someone."

Anyone with information is asked to call Investigator Coghill at 560-1020, ext. 230 or CrimeStoppers at 683-1200.

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