Final day for tax write-off donations

Wednesday is the last day you can get a tax write-off for donating items to nonprofit groups.

Goodwill Industries says its donations increase tenfold this time of year.

The parking lots at charitable organizations expect to be some of the busiest places in the state Wednesday, as people line up help others and themselves --it's a holiday rush of a different kind.

Organizations call it closet cleaning season.

"We were cleaning out the shed, figured we would give it away instead of throwing it away," donator Genesis Sutton said.

Tuesday people lined up to unload unwanted clutter and hopefully cash in on a little tax relief.

"With three girls I have a lot, but I try to do a little bit every year," donator Martha Parks said.

According to published reports, donations to charitable groups peak between Christmas and New Years.

"I seen a lot of furniture, appliances and a lot of clothes, which we need a lot of clothes," Hope Harbor Christian Mission worker Wilfred Melendez said.

Some groups say despite tough times, donations are up, but so is the need.

"A lot of people come in asking for help, winter coats, or long sleeve shirts something like that we help out with things like that," Hope Harbor Christian Mission worker Brenda Soles said.

A spokesman for Goodwill Industries says its donations are up a bit too.

Some of their proceeds help fund internet job training and education Web site. It's seen a 50 percent jump in the number of people taking the courses.

Meanwhile, charitable group workers expect to be overwhelmed with donations Wednesday and not everyone is looking for a tax break.

"I don't want a tax write-off, I just want to see someone happy and blessed like I have been," donator Jennifer Bullard said.

The IRS says if you make a donation to charity Wednesday, make sure you get a receipt and make sure the organization you give to is a qualified non-profit organization.

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