Troubleshooter: Siding job gone bad

FAYETTEVILLE James Tippie paid $3,000 up front to get the siding job started. While work did begin, from there for the last 4 months it's been a long battle to try and get the work finished.

It's clear to see this siding job, Exquisite Construction started is far from done. James tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "It was going to take a day and a half." Instead James is left to look at a unfinished job since September. James adds, "That Saturday he came out and worked at least 8 to 9 hours." But after that day, James said workers with Exquisite Construction only came back one other day to work on the chimney. After that, he says no more work. James said he called and even made visits to Exquisite Construction's office. James adds, "What's the hold up. Every time I got a different story."

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with the owner of Exquisite Construction, Horace McRae. He promised numerous times he would get the job done. He even put in writing, if he didn't get it done by a certain date, he would refund James the entire $3,000. That deadline came and went, so Troubleshooter Diane Wilson went with James to Exquisite Construction in Fayetteville to pick up his check. McRae was nowhere to be found. He did call into his office while we were there and said he wouldn't deliver the money if Troubleshooter Diane Wilson was there. So we left and James came back and got two checks for $1,500 each. Both checks post dated for later dates. When James cashed them both bounced. McRae told Troubleshooter Diane Wilson no worries, he'll give James cash. When James went to pick up the cash, he learned McRae just got arrested and charged with 3 counts of writing worthless checks to others besides James.

James adds, "It's just frustrating wasting time."

Once Horace McRae got out of jail, I called him again and said he'd have the cash for James in a few days. That was more than a week ago and James said he's seen no money.

McRae tells me the delays and problems on James' home had to do with the siding, as what was ordered was not delivered and they had to wait for a new shipment, which took longer than expected.

When hiring a contractor, make a check of the better business bureau, check references, and try not to pay a good chunk of change up front before any work gets started.

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