Fayetteville property taxes going up

FAYETTEVILLE Revaluation notices will be going out soon in Cumberland County and some residents may be shocked at just how much tax collectors say their property is worth.

"There has been appreciation. We went through some really good times real estate wise for a couple of years. It's only been in the last year to 18-months that we've started to see real estate values stabilize or even drop a little bit in some places," explained Doug Stephens with Arsenal Appraisal.

Part of it is that the last revaluation was conducted way back in 2003. Experts say for the most part, property values in Cumberland County have been strong and many homeowners can expect their properties to be worth more.

"Orange and Chatham I believe have announced it's going to be about 20 to 25 percent. And I believe ours will fall right in that same range," said Tax Administrator Aaron Donaldson.

So, that means a homeowner with a house in the county worth $100,000 would pay about $200 more a year in taxes. The rate would be about $250 dollars a year if the home is within the Fayetteville city limits.

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