Parents sound off at school board meeting

WAKE COUNTY Parents and students with /*Apex High School*/ as their address say they want to know why /*Wake County*/ school leaders want to split up their neighborhood and keep some kids at Apex High while sending others to /*Athens Drive High School.*/

"If Katherine gets grandfathered into Apex, you're going to send Melissa to Athens Drive," parent Ed Green said. "We're going to have kids at two different schools at the same time this is completely unworkable."

"I want to stay in an environment where I'm comfortable and I want to assure the same for my younger brother who's in 7th grade," student Catherine Smith said.

School leaders want to move more than 25,000 students around over the next three years to fill new schools and to ease overcrowding in others.

"They now have 290 open seats at this school," parent Barbara Walsh said. "There is no reason to move us."

Her concern comes after checking out the Wake County school system's latest reassignment plan.

Click here to read the latest reassignment plan.

"We are not numbers, we are not scribbles on a page," student Becky Darby said.

Among the reasons cited by school authorities for moving students is the desire for economic diversity across the county's classrooms.

A plan even the mayor of /*Cary*/ says he wants reconsidered.

"While the intention of this policy is great, the impact is negative," Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht said. "I believe it's time to invite the parents to work with you and invite elected officials to work with you to come up with better solutions."

Cary town leaders are meeting with school board members Wednesday. There are four more public hearings.

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