NC, Perdue prepare for inauguration

RALEIGH Perdue will be making history when she is inaugurated Saturday and what she is wearing will also become history for the state.

One of the things creating a lot of buzz is what type of gown she plans to wear.

"That's the fun of being a woman on the trail, the guys wear a coat and tie and it just doesn't change it might be red or blue, but other than that it's the same black or brown suit and I think a woman has the opportunity to have a little more fun with color and clothes," Perdue said.

While the big reveal of Perdue's gown won't happen until the inaugural ball Friday, she is sharing that it's red and in her words "blingy."

She's hoping the attention will get others thinking about giving their own gowns to needy high school students for prom.

"We're going to really encourage the women there who have the means economically to donate their dresses, to give their dresses either the Meredith Project or another project, clothes project in communities across the state," Perdue said.

Once the inauguration ceremonies are over the Governor-elect's ball gown will also become a part of history itself going on display at the Museum of History of North Carolina.

"They have a collection of first ladies dresses and now they're very excited to be able to have the first woman governor's dress," Perdue said. "I won't spend a whole lot of time thinking about that dress, but you know in 150 years there may be some little girl who walks through there and sees my dress and a lot of other little dresses and maybe she'll say wow, there really was a day in North Carolina's history when someone did this first, can you imagine that day."

And Governor-elect Perdue will live that day this weekend.

The festivities kick off Friday night. Watch Eyewitness News for full coverage of the inaugural events.

Saturday morning there will be a special edition of Eyewitness News at 6 a.m., followed by special live coverage at 10 a.m of the Perdue inauguration ceremony and inaugural parade.

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