Duke students to "Zip" to campus

January 8, 2009 7:44:33 AM PST
Duke University is experimenting with a new way to cut down on the number of cars on campus. It's teaming up with a company called Zipcar to give students and faculty an alternative transportation system.Zipcar rents cars by the hour, and would be an alternative for a student willing to give up keeping a car on campus. Duke says it's also environmentally friendly because Zipcar rents hybrids as well as standard autos.

Rates start at $8 an hour or $66 a day. Gas and insurance is included.

"Duke is committed to environmentally friendly transportation alternatives, and Zipcar's service is in line with the university's goal to provide more sustainable options to students, faculty and staff," said Kemel W. Dawkins, vice president for campus services in a statement released to the media.

Zipcar started its Duke service Thursday with two hybrid Prius vehicles and two Toyota Matrix cars. About 120 colleges nationwide offer the service.