Troubleshooter: Connection Problems

CREEDMOOR Pine Grove Baptist Church's computer lab is pretty important to those in the Creedmoor community. A member Monroe Brown tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "We use this for the outreach programs that connect to the community services."

The church already used Time Warner Cable's Business Class services and added their sonic wall services in March. Monroe adds, "We wanted it to protect us from virus and to improve reception because it's in basement of church." Each month, Monroe says the church paid $79.00 for the sonic wall but Monroe says the church could never connect to the service. Monroe adds they called TWC Business Class, and they he said they told him t must be on the church's end because TWC business class' end was working. But Monroe says they had a technician look at the church's system and everything was fine of their end too. So it was back to calling TWC Business Class. Monroe adds, "We thought they would support us better and they didn't so we called the Troubleshooter."

Monroe says he immediately heard from TWC Business Class and a technician was sent out the next day. He says, "They told us they had a configuration on their side that wasn't working with our side. They told us to disable something on our computer to allow it to work. So we tried it for two days and it still didn't work."

TWC said in a statement, "Time Warner Cable's Business Class network had difficulty connecting with the church's complex network due to the way the church network was configured. We understand the frustration Pine Grove Baptist Church has been experiencing and have credited the account for both installation fees and 3 months service, totaling more than $1,100. "

Despite TWC Business Class efforts and actions, Monroe doesn't think it's the church's problem and has disconnected the sonic wall service and installed other security software to make sure their computer lab is protected.

The biggest thing consumers need to know is there's a difference between TWC residential service and TWC Business Class. When it comes to TWC Business Class, TWC says they can't be responsible for each business' complex network, that business has to make sure their system will work with TWC Business Class services they sign up for.

A rep with TWC says they're continuing to work with Pine Grove Baptist Church to resolve their concerns.

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