Lawmakers talk stimulus in RTP

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK At a meeting with the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Tuesday, Democratic Reps. Bob Etheridge, Brad Miller and David Price all talked about what money the Triangle could see.

"Here in North Carolina, somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 plus million dollars," offered Etheridge.

That money would be used to create jobs, build roads and bridges, provide healthcare, and improve education.

"This is meant to be temporary, timely and targeted to those people who have needs," said Etheridge.

Etheridge is pushing for tax credits to fund local schools - hoping to create or keep more than 10,000 jobs through new school construction. He said another added bonus would be Americans could be put to work on those school construction projects as early as 30 days after legislation passes which could be in the next few months.

He admitted disappointment with the last economic bailout, saying this time we will know where the money is going.

"There will be accountability measures in there. That's why we are trying to struggle set it up," he said.

Etheridge said this time the public will be able to monitor the spending online.

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