City leaders: Nightclubs clean up or close

FAYETTEVILLE It stems from two deadly shootings over the weekend.

Police records say the Palomino Club has been one of the city's more troubled spots and city leaders have been trying to close the club for months.

The owner of another nightclub on Raeford Roads fears he may be next on the city's hit list.

"We need Massey Hill to become just a good regular neighborhood," resident Stella Mullen said.

Mullen says the nightclub is giving her Massy Hill neighborhood a bad name.

"It's just time for it to go it just causes trouble it's no good just a lot of trouble," she said.

Police department records show that officers answered more than 300 calls to the club over the last 12 months.

The club is in City Councilman Charles Evans' district. He says the city has a pending nuisance abatement lawsuit against the club, which is now open just one night a week.

"As a council, as police department city staff, we are aggressively doing what we need to do in order to prevent such places from existing here in our city," Evans said.

And over the years the city has used its public nuisance statues to close several problems businesses.

And that's what worries Frederick Clark, the owner of the City Limits club on Raeford Road.

Police records show it too has had its share of police calls, including the shooting death of a man in the parking lot Saturday night.

Clark says he has to use private security guards, because the city won't let off duty police officers work at the club.

"We have asked numerous times if not once a month to help with patrols of the parking lot, and the city has continued to deny this for no reason they give us no reason," Clark said.

So far the city has not taken any formal steps to try and close Clark's club.

Eyewitness News also spoke with the manager of the Palomino Club who says they are trying hard to clean up the problems. He fears the club is getting a bad rap.

There is no word on when the nuisance abatement lawsuit for the club will be enforced.

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