Obama versus Bush in a Web search

With the news media and historians poring over legacies and making prognostications, below is the most recent snapshot of what the people are searching for on Yahoo!, as these two men prepare to trade positions.

Top 10 "Obama" and "Bush" Searches on Yahoo!, Past 7 Days

Obama Searches

  1. Obama Stimulus Package
  2. Obama Inauguration
  3. Barack Obama Website
  4. Barack Obama Biography
  5. Elect Barack Obama
  6. Obama Limo
  7. How Barack Obama Got Elected
  8. Obama Birth Certificate
  9. Barack Obama Family

Bush Searches

  1. Barack Obama George Bush
  2. Hot Dog Bush3. Bush China
  3. Barack Obama George Bush
  4. Bush Shoe Game
  5. Bush Challenges Hundreds
  6. Bush Press Conference
  7. Bye Bye Bush Shoes
  8. President Bush Speech
  9. Bush Administration Efforts
  10. Bush Pardons

Source: Yahoo!

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