Bikers pedaling for Obama

RALEIGH The group will ride four days, traveling nearly 300 miles to Washington through cold temperatures and even the threat of snow - bringing their message of change in transportation.

"We want to raise the message that there is an alternative out there," said Jones.

The group won't be completely alone. Drivers Scott and Corey will follow them in a Honda hybrid, making sure they are safe along the back roads. In addition to driving in a hybrid, they are also going to videotape the entire trip and write blogs to document everything online. You can read the blogs at:

As they began their journey, they said the message is clear.

"I think there is just a message that is resonating with not only the group of us and our friends, but with millions of Americans. What Obama has said and promised so far is just something a lot of us have been waiting to hear.

A message they hope to hear up close and personal.

The group also volunteered in the Obama campaign. They plan to travel 80 miles at a time, stopping periodically to camp-out and rest.

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