Local youth to attend inauguration

DURHAM Ten local children will witness history front and center. The young teens are going to the event thanks to their church.

The excited group left around 6 p.m. Saturday. The teens are with Asbury Temple United Methodist Church in Durham.

They say they are anxious to witness history in D.C.

"He's like a superhero to me," member Kabrel Perkins said.

The group says President-elect Barack Obama means a lot to them --hope, success and dreams that come true.

"It's going to be a big change, so I get to take part to see it, so I get to be a part of it," member Marian McDonald said. "I don't have to hear about it in history class. I get to experience it."

Hanna Bonner works with the kids as part of the church's outreach to at-risk youth. She wants them to know anything is possible.

"A lot of people, even during the election, didn't think this was possible for them and it happened so I'm hoping the kids from my neighborhood here where I live and where the church is will be able to think different things are possible, than they did before," she said.

The group hopes to come back Tuesday.

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