Fayetteville couple survives Hudson River crash

FAYETTEVILLE Andrew Gray and his fiancée, Stephanie King, were in New York celebrating her birthday. Now they say they are celebrating the gift of life.

They're two of 150 person who where onboard US Airways flight 1549 Thursday when it went down in the frigid Hudson River.

"I've got to give credit to God for having his hand in this. Everybody's calling it miracle, which it is," Gray said. "I just can't get that voice, 'brace for impact'. That moment, from brace for impact to the point I was standing out on the wing was the most significant."

The couple says they had about a minute before the plane hit the water, it seemed like forever.

"So many things happen quickly for some people, who are in accidents, but when he kind of gives you that inevitable end and you're sitting there waiting for it," he said. "We just looked at each other. We told each other that we loved each other and we kissed and we just started praying."

He and King were sitting side-by-side just like they are right now. Gray near the window his fiancée beside the aisle.

"Soon as we hit, Stephanie said 'pop your belt babe, we've got to get out'," he said. "And I'm glad that I was on the inside. I had the window seat because she's in front of me on the way out. I could kind of guide her out."

Their prayers were answered. Everybody survived. Now the couple is looking forward with new appreciation for live to saying their wedding vows.

"Well, the date's not set. But it'll be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she's from," Gray said. "I think we will try to send an invitation to the pilot, though."

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