Wake Schools: Reassignment changes likely

RALEIGH No changes were made, but the board says change is likely.

One-by-one, members of the school board went down the list of 99 Wake County elementary schools, stopping if necessary to discuss specific concerns with each school.

The board's task is to fill ten schools with more than 25,000 students over the next three years by factoring in the growing population and by keeping all schools as equally diverse as possible.

It's a complicated task because the plan calls for switching some students who are currently on a traditional calendar to a year-round calendar.

That could mean students will be reassigned to a different school than their friends and to schools farther away form home.

Although many changes were discussed Thursday, no final decisions were made.

"The staff has recommended some of the moves they originally proposed to be dropped and board members have suggested that other moves be dropped," said Lori Millberg, Wake County School Board member. "Both the staff and the board members have suggested that some moves be added."

One change every member seemed to agree on would allow siblings to be grandfathered in to the same school.

For example, if you have a rising 4th or 5th grader, the younger siblings will be allowed to go to the same school and not be reassigned.

It's a small step but parents say it's a step in the right direction.

"I think that's awesome," parent Lisa Boneham said. "I think that makes sense."

A final vote on the proposed changes will take place early next month.

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