No overtime for Goodyear workers

FAYETTEVILLE Workers haven't lost their jobs, but they are losing pay.

The Fayetteville plant produces more than 30,000 tires a day, but demand is down so plant officials are cutting back on employee overtime.

A company spokesperson tells Eyewitness News two hours of overtime, normally included in a worker's schedule, has been eliminated. Workers and union officials say it's still a pay cut and it hurts.

"Everybody is scared," Goodyear employee Ellen Radachiovsky said. "The pay loss hurts. It's over for us regular employees. One-hundred dollars a week, that's 400 dollars a month."

The vice president of the local union says they filed a grievance. "Right now is that he right thing to do?" Mike Price asked. "Right now the company is trying to save money. At least we still got a job and we are working 40 hours a week so that's good."

Union officials estimate the plant is saving about $150,000 a week.

Goodyear says its tire production is based on customer demand and work schedules will be evaluated on a week-to-week basis.

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