Yow's former players offer their thoughts

RALEIGH Claudia Kreicker Dozier '84 in Rochester, MN --How do you put into a paragraph your heart for a person who has so filled and enlarged and impacted it that words don't really do it justice?

Kay Yow is deeply embedded into my life and heart. God even saw fit to have the veins on my left hand initialed with KY.

I came to Raleigh in 1980 from Indiana to play basketball for her, because I loved her heart, and knew I would thrive under her leadership.

I treasure those four years of more daily time with her. Her love helped shaped who I am in the Lord. I drank her words in.

In 1987 God used her to get my future husband in touch with me. We married with her there in July 1988, as that was the only month she could come, as it was the year she coached the Olympics. In 1997, I had my first daugther, and named her Lydia Kay.

Kay was there when we dedicated Lydia Kay to the Lord. As Lydia and I cried this morning and held each other, I reminded her why I named her Kay. Kay Yow walked in the love of God and was passionate about what she did. That is her legacy, and Lydia and I are a part of that.

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