Consignment sale draws record numbers

RALEIGH Organizers say this year they broke records with the number of people looking for deals.

"This is the biggest crowd that I've seen yet," Exchange shopper Janice Jett said.

Mom of two, Jett has shopped the exchange for seven years. The huge consignment swap is a great way for her to save on toys, clothes, and strollers.

"Most folks can't afford to buy these things full price so we find that coming here we get great prices and our money goes a lot further," Kids Exchange owner Amy Winstead said.

On Sunday the last day of the sale, Jett says her money went the farthest. Everything was slashed to half price. And Jett wasn't the only one looking for a deal, this year's attendance is expected to be a record breaker.

"My best guess right now without seeing numbers its $20,000 to $25,000," Winstead said.

Organizers say a big draw for the crowd they've seen over the weekend has been the economy.

While buyers are getting a deal, the exchange is also a way for sellers to find some extra cash in the tough economy.

Sellers set the price and get two thirds of whatever the item sells for. The rest goes to cover operating costs and profit for the three stay at home moms who started the exchange 10 years ago.

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