Mayor calls for boldness

RALEIGH He told listeners that the plunge in the economy must be handled judiciously yet boldly in order to push for a stronger city.

The Triangle has long been regarded as recession proof, but the drop in the nation's financial health has even been felt here. There have been hundreds of layoffs and there's been a significant drop in home sales and construction.

Meeker says he wants to focus on four areas moving forward:

1) Implementing the city's comprehensive plan

2) Public transportation and funding

3) Renewing the focus on water and energy conservation

4) Working with the state on building a possible park at Dix Hill

He says he's actively working to make sure that Raleigh gets its share of any federal stimulus money that could be coming. He says he has more than 40 projects that could be up and running in 6-12 months if he can get federal funding.

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