Sometimes it's how you say it

But it's the way they're being told that they are out of a job that is raising some eyebrows.

Inside the unemployment office, stories of bizarre layoffs are starting to surface.

Larry Campbell, who works at the Raleigh unemployment office, said one of the most bizarre stories he heard was from a client who learned he didn't have a job after he showed up for work.

That's right, imagine showing up to work, only to discover you are out of a job. Campbell has helped unemployed workers for more than a decade.

With a worsening economy and more layoffs, employers are finding new ways to deliver the bad news.

Campbell told Eyewitness News some employers walk employees to their cars, while others box your items and send them to you.

Robert Dorsett said he was laid off earlier this month. "They called me in, it was [a] closed door session. They went strictly by seniority."

And with new technology, things could get worst. Imagine being laid off by fax, telephone or even text message.

"If you got any type of loyalty to your employees, personally, I don't think texting an employee, telling them they don't have a job is a good way to do it," Campbell said.

Campbell said such an impersonal process may make it harder for employees to get back on their feet after being knocked down in the process.

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