America's number one diet developed in Durham

The magazine recently rated the Structure House's weight loss plan as the top in the country.

For 12 years, Bob Cene has made the trip from Ohio to Durham to stay at the Structure House, a residential weight loss facility.

"I tried Weight Watchers, NutriSystem and Formula 3 and pretty much all the programs that are out there," Cene told Eyewitness News. "And I was in pretty bad shape in '93 really doing nothing. I was over 300 pounds -- almost 312 pounds -- when I came here, so really doing nothing, just an inactive lifestyle."

Today he lives a very active life, even completing seven Ironman races -- something he credits the Structure House for.

"They really taught me to go find something you enjoy," Cene explained. "Doing so -- that led me to the triathlon stuff."

In his life, the approach at the Structure House makes all the difference and Health Magazine agrees.

The magazine just rated the program as America's number one healthiest diet.

"We have psychotherapists on the staff, we have nutritionists, exercise experts and health experts and we put together a program using all that expertise," said Lee Kern, clinical director at the Structure House. "That's balance psychologically based. We really think it's important for people to look very carefully at their relationship with food."

That psychology based program is the reason Health Magazine picked the diet over more than 60 others.

And that top ranking isn't just for the program that the residents of the Structure House follow, it's also one you can follow at home with the help of a book.

Click here for information about the book, "The Structure House Weight Loss Plan."

"It's more than eating with the behavioral issues and different things they address," Cene said. "The fitness issues, the nutritional aspect of it and I think that's the allure."

To learn more about Structure House, click here.

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